Polygod Gameplay
Polygod is a tower rush video game (winner takes all) which pits players in games featuring two players 1v1 in which the objective is to destroy the most opposing towers, with the destruction of the King's Tower being an instantaneous win.
You can deploy your warriors anytime you see fit,the goal is to secure a win with the minimum damage possible
Each warrior have their unique set of desctructive power, but be aware the more damage a warrior can make the more time it needs to recover for their next battle.
NFT Marketplace.
Coming Soon
The Marketplace is where players can trade Warriors,Contracts,Badges, and Towers through auction
Players can choose the initial price of the bid in addition to the buy now price. Furthermore, we will allow the borrowing and lending of different collectables.
The game will feature a mining rig that will allow players to mine Mynt tokens which is the currency of the game.
PvP Gameplay.
Coming Soon
Come into the Battlefield! PolyGod Studios presents both simulated & real-time multiplayer games starring the Norse Gods, with the ability to pick your own characters, warriors and much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards representing your favorite Norse Gods, warriors, spells, and defenses. To overcome your opponents and gain Trophies, XP, Real Money, and glory in the Arena, knock the enemies off their towers. Build your own cards collections by trading and sharing cards with our PolyGod community.
Coming Soon
The game will feature multiple leagues of 20s,each week only the first 3 with the highest XP score will be promoted to the next league, while the last 3 will be demoted to the previous one.
Advancing to a higher league will grant the player with faster mining power, along with exclusive badges, tournaments, weapons and skins.
Coming Soon
Each month, PolyGod will host weekly tournaments in which anyone can enter by paying an entry fee for the tournament, such as $20, and compete against multiple players. The prize will be splited between the winner and the runner-up 66% and 33% respectively.
At the end of each month,we will host a grand tournament, where it's restricted only to players who have participated with at least 3 weekly tournaments.