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New Year, More Amazing Missions
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- Establish Strategic Partnerships

- Networking Events

The strategic approach of forming partnerships with the active engagement of networking events, professionals and businesses can unlock new opportunities, foster meaningful collaborations, and drive significant growth. This integrated approach emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships and leveraging collective strengths in today's competitive landscape.


- Launch a Bug Bounty Program

- Develop Educational Tutorials

- Youtube Ad promotion

On Q2, 2024 we're launching a Bug Bounty Program to encourage the discovery and resolution of vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure gaming experience. Simultaneously, we'll develop educational tutorials to deepen players' understanding of game mechanics and mythology, enhancing their engagement. Lastly, we're aiming to widen our audience through a targeted YouTube ad campaign, showcasing Polygod's unique world and gameplay. These combined efforts aim to secure, enlighten, and grow our gaming community, solidifying Polygod's position in the digital gaming landscape.


Host an AMA event

Collaborate with Influencers

Launch Customer Support

Launch the *Classified Project -1- *

We're kicking off Q3, 2024 with a live AMA event to directly connect with our audience, followed by collaborations with top influencers to showcase Polygod's unique world to a broader audience. Concurrently, we're launching a robust customer support framework to ensure a seamless gaming experience. The highlight of the third quarter is the unveiling of 'Classified Project -1-', a secret project set to enrich the Polygod universe further. This multifaceted strategy aims to strengthen our community ties, enhance game support, and intrigue our audience with upcoming developments, setting the stage for an exciting phase in the Polygod journey.


Conduct Annual Users Survey

Networking/sponsored Events

Release the *Classified Project -2- *

Our last but not least phase for Polygod, involves deepening player engagement, enhancing community connections, and unveiling a mysterious new adventure. We'll initiate this journey with an Annual User Survey to directly incorporate player feedback into our development process. Alongside, we'll bolster our community ties through exclusive networking and sponsored events, creating a vibrant space for player interaction and feedback. The crescendo of our roadmap is the eagerly awaited launch of 'Classified Project -2-', a secretive project poised to expand the Polygod universe with new gameplay features and lore. This holistic strategy aims to cultivate a more interactive, player-focused game environment, while introducing fresh, exciting content to keep the Polygod saga both dynamic and engaging.